Megalcraft Australia have an extensive range of handmade candles, candle molds, plaster molds,      pottery and crafts.

 We are proudly Australian owned and all our candles, pottery and stepping stones are locally made.
 We can cater for any function:
Handmade Candles
 Christening Ceremonies
 Corporate Functions
 In fact any occasion!
 Megalcraft Australia have a great selection of candle gift baskets.
 Our dedicated craftsman specialise in custom orders for:
                                                                              Coffee shops
                                                                              Hotels and Motels
                                                                              Corporate Functions
  We have an extensive range of handmade molds, made by our Company. We have a stock range of           products and we also do custom orders at additional costs. These include Soap Molds, Candle Molds,      Concrete Molds, Pottery/Plaster Molds, Chocolate and Jelly Molds.
  We have an extensive range of handmade pottery, all Australian made, by our company. Our pottery      range is comprised of one off pieces, however in the future we will also be catering for custom made orders.
  We deliver Australia wide.